Question Cherokees to Oshkosh Mass Arrival Registration is OPEN! First Clinic February 25

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11 Feb 2022 17:30 #3398 by MITCHELL KAHN
What do Grumman Tigers/Cheetahs/Travelers have in common with Piper PA28, PA32, PA34, and PA18 aircraft?

They all can participate in the Cherokees to Oshkosh (CtO) Mass Arrival at EAA Airventure this year.

How can that be? It’s called Cherokees to Oshkosh.

CtO is helping the Grummans create their own Mass Arrival Group for OSH. We have included Grummans for the last few years. They are very compatible with the Piper Cherokee fleet (yep – we will also include Comanches, we are very ecumenical).

Not a Cherokee or Grumman driver? Don’t worry, there are mass arrival groups for Bonanzas (they include other Beechcraft planes including twins), Cessnas, Mooneys, RVs, and others.

There is no better way to go to OSH. The airspace is cleared for us. We have our own hospitality tent. Most of us camp together, and, with our planes. Plenty of opportunities to tell lies about flying, and share information on “Must See” and “Don’t Bother” exhibits at OSH. We dine together, consume adult beverages together, and those who bring the family find that there are kids to hang with their kids. Lifelong friendships are made.

There are a couple of requirements: ALL participating pilots must attend at least one of the ten mini-clinics throughout the US between late February and the end of June (no clinics on Easter, Mothers Day, or Fathers Day weekends). A complete list can be found on the CtO website Schedule page:

The first clinic is just two weeks away on February 25-27, 2022 at KAIK, Aiken, SC.

Another note about the Mini-Clinics, they are addictive. Several participants go to as many as six or more clinics.

Additional requirements include:
• 200 hours total time, with most of that ideally in the past several years
• 50 hours in Cherokees (or the type of aircraft to be used during the arrival)
• 20 hours within the last 90 days prior to OSH
Details can be found at:
For answers to questions about your suitability, use the contact form to contact the Director of Flight Operations.

If you are interested in the Mass Arrival but don’t know if its for you, attend one of our clinics. Unlike the other Mass Arrival groups, the clinics are free of charge. However, preference for inflight training is given to those registered for the Mass Arrival at OSH. This is run by volunteers.

To attend a clinic, you must be registered on the website. Once you are a registered user, you can register for a clinic. You will need to sign the online waiver document, and upload copies of your pilot’s license, current medical, and proof of liability insurance to participate.

Prior to attending a clinic, you must watch our four online ground school videos. That will make it easy for you to understand the briefings at the clinic and what you are about to do.

As one of our participants put is a few years ago, “flying is fun, flying together is more fun.” Another famously said, “this is more fun than anything else you can do with your clothes on.” We discussed being annoyed by his ending a sentence in a preposition but chose NOT to discuss what happens at his home.

Check out the Cherokees to Oshkosh website for more information. If you have questions, use the contact form to reach out to the Director of Flight Operations, the Registrar, or Mini-Clinic Hosts.

Don’t wait.. Go to and click on the “REGISTER NOW” button on the left side of the page. It really is more fun than anything else you can do with your clothes on.

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