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06 Mar 2022 10:33 #3421 by STEVE ELLS
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Hi Robert;
I'm afraid I'm gonna give you a "weak" answer.
The life of a brake disc depends on a number of factors.
1) are the brake calipers and guide pins being serviced correctly? If they aren't it's pretty common for the guide pins to bind in the bushings and cock. This creates a lot of wear in a small part of the disc and zero or minimal wear in the rest.
It's pretty easy to see when the calipers are binding--wear across the disc is uneven.
2) Were the brake pads conditioned correctly after installation? Conditioning creates a glazed layer of material on the lining. A visual inspection of the brake disc will show the lining condition. If the disc is smooth (without grooves) the pads are conditioned. If the disc is rough (grooved) the linings have lost the glaze.
Glazing of organic linings consists of taxiing for 1500 feet at 1700 engine rpm while applying enough brake pressure to hold the taxi speed to 5-10 mph. Then allowing the brakes to cool for 10-15 minutes before use. When the brakes hold at high static engine rpm, the conditioning is complete.
2) Are the discs rusting between flights? A little surface rust is not a problem, but the longer between flights, the greater chance of this occurring. And on that note, where is the airplane based? Obviously a moist sea side climate is the worst case. High desert is the best.

The most important checks are for even wear of the inner and outer brake pads and conditioning of the brake pads.
Let me know what you find.

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04 Mar 2022 16:37 #3419 by JEFF BAXLEY
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Aerodynamic braking is your friend. Perhaps the previous owner had enough runway in front of them all the time. I am based at an 8k ft runway. I have to add power to get to the second turnout!

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02 Mar 2022 14:24 #3416 by Robert Newsome
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Going to have brake pads and discs replaced. From looking through logbook the pads seem to be replaced about every 3 years.....however, the last time I see that the discs were replaced was in 2006 (and 3000 hours of airframe hours). Is that typical for discs? This is a 1988 PA32R and I recently purchased so getting the first year maintenance stuff addressed!


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